Why Getting Fit Is Important For Your Jet Skiing Experience

Jet Ski Myrtle BeachAs many people’s thoughts turn to the summer holidays, I just can’t shake off the exciting thoughts of being on a jet ski and hitting the waters at Myrtle Beach. In fact, I have already booked one with the good folks at Action Water Sportz Jet Ski Rentals. I have always done my reservations early to avoid wasting a lot of time once the holidays start.

If you are going jet skiing for the first time, you may need some guidance on how to use a jet ski properly. The good thing about Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals is that you have an opportunity to get to grips with handling a jet ski before renting one.

I have always found it prudent to start preparing for my summers of jet skiing early enough in order to be in good shape once summer arrives. With almost a month gone in the new year, it is time you too stepped up your preparations for your summer of jet skiing. The last thing you want to do is rent a jet ski and not make the most of it.

Why getting fit is important for jet skiing

When using a jet ski, the physical capability is just as important as the maturity of judgment. You will be dealing with turbulence, waves and other obstructions in the water which makes it imperative that you be well prepared for the physical test that jet skiing will put you through.

Jet skiing just like any other skiing requires you to have strength in your upper body, lower body, and core. This means that you have to include exercises in your fitness program that work in these three areas of your body.

Ideally, three days in a week should be dedicated to strength training. Conditioning training and aerobic endurance can also be incorporated into your fitness regime.

Upper-body fitness

You need a strong grip when handling and maneuvering your jet ski. Pull-up exercises enhance your upper body strength as well as your grip strength. Dips are also great for this purpose. Performing three sets of between eight and 12 repetitions of each of these exercises, three days every week will do you a lot of good.

Core strength

A strong core is particularly important for the stability of the entire body. Planks are great for strengthening your core. Side planks should also be a part of it. Hold for at least 30 seconds for each of the right, left and side planks.

Lower body fitness

The most effective exercises for strengthening your legs and butt are squats and lunges. If you can, hold dumbbells to ensure your muscles are completely worked by the end of a 12-repetition set.

Aerobic conditioning

Cardiovascular exercises help develop a strong aerobic base. Jogging and swimming are great for your cardio and doing one of them for 20 to 50minutes three times a week will put you in top condition.

Come enjoy the Myrtle Beach experience

You don’t have to worry about not having a jet ski as Action Water Sportz Jet Ski Rentals offer a wide variety of jet skis to fit you or your family’s needs. Come to Myrtle Beach for a fun-filled summer and enjoy the adrenaline rush of jet skiing.


Action Water Sportz

1525 13th Ave N

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

(843) 280-4100


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2051 Bridge View Ct

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582


Action Water Sportz Little River

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