Why You Should Go On A Jet Ski Dolphin Tour In Myrtle Beach

jet ski Myrtle BeachMy last summer holiday at Myrtle Beach was one of a kind. I can only describe it as exhilarating. I wanted to give my girlfriend an unforgettable experience and from the look of things, she loved it. She says she can’t wait to go back and enjoy a jet ski dolphin tour on Myrtle Beach’s crystal clear waters. She just couldn’t get enough of it last year.

One great thing about Myrtle Beach is that it gives you an opportunity to experience a dolphin tour on a jet ski. If you haven’t sampled this experience, you definitely need to add it to your bucket list. Even a few hours of touring dolphins on a jet ski on Myrtle Beach will be a memory forever.

Before my first dolphin tour, I had only heard things that were said about them. Everything sounded so surreal. For example, there are tales of humans being rescued by dolphins in the high sea. I have since learned that dolphins also go out of their way to assist other marine animals too.

Myrtle Beach has the most amazing dolphin population. At Action Water Sportz, they have very professional staff that work hard to make sure that everyone going on a dolphin tour, on a jet ski, has the most amazing experience. Their ability to guide new people on how to ride a jet ski will leave even rookie drivers feeling like seasoned pros.

At the same time, their watercrafts have all the necessary safety features. I am very protective of my girlfriend but after being guided every aspect of jet skiing, we were comfortable enough to hop on our two-seater jet ski and mingle with the amazing dolphins and marine life on this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

A dolphin tour on a jet ski is a great family experience

Having a good time is not just about racing your jet ski across the waves or performing daredevil stunts. There are so many exciting experiences you can enjoy on a dolphin tour. There are life vests that fit riders of all ages, which means your whole family can experience the thrill together.

Dolphins enjoy having a good time

This is one of the many things that dolphins have in common with humans. While it is not possible to interpret every single dolphin emotion, they like to demonstrate that they are having a great time. They leap into the air with amazing precision or display artful underwater acrobatics to show their appreciation for being alive.

Here is what you will learn about dolphins on a jet ski dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach:

They are highly intelligent

Although they are known for their playfulness, dolphins are very smart animals. What’s even better is that their brains continue to evolve in a similar manner as the human brain.

They are very social

Dolphins live in groups that hunt together and play together. One large pod of dolphins can be up to 1,000 members strong.

They are great swimmers

The bottlenose dolphin has the ability to hold its breath for up to 12 minutes and dive almost 1,800 feet. Dolphins possess very efficient lungs.

Jet skiing on the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach will help you see and experience dolphins like never before!  Be sure to call and make your reservations early so you won’t miss out. 

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