Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rental Safety – Part 2

The Basics of Safe Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Operation


Myrtle Beach Jet skiBefore you hit the water, your rental operator will take you through the basics of safe operation – pay attention and listen carefully.


Here are some of the things you should know about the Myrtle Beach Jet Ski you will be renting:

    • Jet Skis have an engine shut off cord. One end is connected to the start/stop switch and the other to your wrist or life jacket. If you fall off while under way, the engine automatically stops.  Remove the cord after riding to prevent unauthorized use of the jet ski.
    • If you plan to ride with passengers onboard, be sure the Myrtle Beach Jet Ski is designed to carry them. Respect the maximum weight or number of persons the personal watercraft allows. Passengers should hold onto the person in front of them or the handholds. Operators and passengers should keep all feet on the deck at all times. Children must be old enough to hold onto the person in front of them or the handholds and keep both feet securely on the foot rest floor. Passengers should never ride in front of the operator, it is too dangerous.
    • If an operator or passenger falls off, turn off the engine and reboard from the rear. Never board a jet ski while the engine is running.

Part of the safe operation of a personal watercraft is knowledge and awareness of the throttle. When used correctly, the throttle can add to safe operation.  Here are some pointers:

    • The throttle is on the right handlebar, to increase speed, the operator pushes or pulls the throttle trigger onto the handlebar. This causes a jet of water at the back of the vessel to propel it forward. The jet of water, and possibly debris, exits the jet thrusters’ nozzle at very high pressure and can cause severe injury. Never apply throttle if anyone is at the rear of the jet ski. Always turn engine off or to idle when passengers are boarding the vessel.
    • Anyone in the water needs to stay away from the intake grate on the underside of the vessel at all times. Long hair, loose clothing or life jacket straps can become entangled in moving parts resulting in severe injury or even drowning.
    • The throttle can also help keep you safe when you need to steer away from objects. Don’t release the throttle. The trust of water jets at the back of the boat creates forward motion, it also moves left and right and helps steer the jet ski. Forward motion along with steering allows you to change direction without the throttle you lose momentum and the ability to steer. Remember, in an emergency so not completely let go of the throttle. You need some thrust from the jet to turn the craft.

Action Water Sportz wants you to enjoy your ride and come back safely. By following a few rules, you and your family can have a great outing and enjoy a summer vacation treat. Watch the video below for a recap of these rules. We will be posting more in the next few days.


Call us today to reserve your Myrtle Beach Jet Ski and have the time of your life! Be sure and post about your experience on our Facebook page.


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